We are immediately hiring the best Engineers and Technologists that Adelaide has to offer.

Or relocate and make this great city even greater through your brilliance...

What we've got to offer:

  • The most exciting technology in town.
  • Growth and development potential through the roof.
  • Technical challenges so good you won't want to go home (but we'll kick you out at some stage)

What you've got to offer:

  • Passion for All of These (practical experience a bonus):
    • Drones,
    • real-time,
    • cutting edge,
    • control systems,
    • FPGA,
    • UAV,
    • RF,
    • VR,
    • Aerospace,
    • CUAV,
    • Electronic,
    • Big Data, 
    • Killer Drones (metaphorically),
    • Control Systems,
    • IoT, Comms,
    • Radar,
    • DSP,
    • Cyber
    • Matlab/Simulink,
    • GPU,
    • CUAV,
    • Unity,
    • Cognitive Analysis


  • Unlimited Enthusiasm
  • Awe inspiring technical competence
  • A "This isn't work, it's what I Love" mentality
  • Can-Do solutions to impossible problems (not joking, they're really, really, hard)
  • jobs@myskytech.com.au